Warehousing Management System

DHS Techno Solutions warehousing management solutions are equipped with top-class material handling equipment ably handled by well trained professionals across all levels. Depending upon the need of the client, this leading warehousing company in India can offer multiple types of warehousing / storage.

  • Cross docking
  • Open Yard Management
  • Rework and Refurbish Management State-of-Art
  • Multi-user Facilities
  • SOP Standardization
  • Palletized & racked (both partial and full)
  • KPI-based Management
  • Temperature controlled

Warehousing And Logistics Companies In India

As a leading warehousing and logistics companies in India DHS Techno solution Supply Chain Solutions has the value added advantage of world class warehouse management system (WIMac) and other automations which can be tailored to provide complete inventory management, visibility and integration with customer’s ERP.

  • In-house WMS Suite: The Msys Suite contains applications for ERP, Warehouse Management System, Demand Forecasting & Planning, Product Data Management, Mobile Resource Management, Business Intelligence Reporting, Supplier Information Portal and Parts Catalogue
  • Automation: Automation of labour intensive operations has improved productivity, reduced reliance on manpower and decreased costs for several of our customers
  • Barcode Scanning: For total stock control from receiving to dispatch
  • Warehouse design and racking layout
  • Modern Racking Solutions

Features Of Warehouse Management System


DHS Techno Solution flawlessly integrates with any ERP overlay that you use – be it Tier-1 ERP solutions or any other customised software. This enables seamless data exchange between software and consequently improves ROI on your technology investments.

User-friendly Interface

The intuitive design and smooth-functioning UI of WARE-FI make it incredibly easy to navigate and saves precious time and effort of the user.

Cloud-based & Device Independent

Eliminate silos. Access WARE-FI across all your devices and operating systems without any difficulty.

Fast & Accurate

Real-time stock visibility and precision movement reduces the rate of return and improves customer satisfaction. Managers can quickly move the right product to the right location at the lowest transaction cost.

Real-time Data & Actionable Reports

Explore and analyse data real-time on the dashboard to improve productivity and rectify possible errors immediately. Get instant reports on date range, delivery number, and stock parameters including material, warehouse, storage location, and bin.

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